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After having completed a couple of kit knives myself, I decided to create this gallery. Hopefully you will be able to see some interesting projects and perhaps decide to try one yourself. Or perhaps it will give you an idea of another knife you would like to try. If you have completed a kit knife project and would like to display it here, just send me a picture ( and a brief description of the knife and I will add it to the gallery.

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Chris Davis

I built this folder from a kit sold by Texas Knifemakers Supply. Its a 3 1/2 inch lockback folder. I think the kit is pretty straight forward. The only other knife I've made was a small drop point sheath knife kit. No soldering is required. Although I used a 1 inch blet sander for the rough sanding, the whole kit can be completed without power tools.

Aleksandr Indman
Aleksandr's Website

Aleksandr was the winner of the contest I had a while back and this is the completed kit knife that was given to him by

Universal Agencies Inc.

Pinned and soldered the bolsters (didn't want to mess with solder, but there was only one pin hole), polished buffalo horn scales (thickness increases from bolsters to the butt). The only unusual part is the sheath. It's a simple form-fitted leather pouch, but I made it into "quir boullie" (not sure about spelling) by applying melted beeswax at relatively high temperature. It was an experiment with a medieval recipe, and it worked: the sheath now is hard almost as kydex, and absolutely water resistant.


A Puukko (Finnish style knife). 4.5" long laminated carbon steel blade from Brusletto of Norway, birdseye maple handle. The sheath is thick leather wet formed to fit the knife, and as close to traditional Finnish decoration as I could get.

A "Sharpie" model from the late great Bob Engnath, 4.5" long ATS-34 blade that I hand rubbed to 600 grit. The handle is made of stag and brass, with leather washers. This is the first knife I made!

William Fisher

4" damascus blades, from Rob Charlton at Damascus, USA
Nickle-silver guard (or bolster), silver soldered to hidden tang
India sambar stag handle

4" damascus, India Sambar stag, with buffalo hornspacer. Nickle-silver guards silver soldered to hidden tang

4 1/2" damascus, India Sambar stag, with buffalo hornspacer. Nickle-silver guards silver soldered to hidden tang

4" damascus, India Sambar stag, with buffalo hornspacer. Nickle-silver guards silver soldered to hidden tang

4 1/2" damascus, India Sambar stag, nickle-silver guards silver soldered to hidden tang

4 1/2" damascus blade
Nickle silver guard, silver soldered to hidden tang
Buffalo horn stag handle
9 1/8" overall

4" damascus blade, nickle-silver bolster, silver soldered to the hiddentang, India sambar stag handle. 8 3/4" overall length.

The blade is 4 1/2" damascus.Nickle-silver guard, silver soldered onto the hidden tang.Sambar stag handle.

Blades are 440c, made by Georgel Anderson of Centerfield, Utah. Nickle silver bolster and guard, silver soldered to the hidden tang. Stag and stag & tulipwood handle

6", 440c blade from Georgel Anderson. Nickle-silver double guard, silver soldered to tang, wood micarta handle. Sheath made by me too.

 This is a Damascus USA, 512 layer blade, 4" long, stag handle, silver soldered nickle-silver guard, handmade sheath (by me)

4" blade, 440c, from Georgel Anderson, brass guard silver soldered to hidden tang, bubinga and ??? hardwood handle, handmade sheath (by me).

4 1/4, 440c blade from Georgel Anderson, nickle-silver bolster silver soldered to hidden tang, tulipwood and stag handle


The knife is not really a knife "kit". The blade was supplied by Mike Irie - with no handle material nor pins. But the blade was fully finished and verysharp. I got two pieces of cherry wood for the handle from my neighbor. A drill was the only power tool I used. The rest was done with files and sand paper.  The scheme shows the original blade shape and the changes I made.

Steve Agocs
Steve's Website

Rob Simonich Cetan Tanto, 3" blade and 4" handle for an overall length (OAL) of 7". The blade is ATS-34, maroon micarta scales for the handle, brass pins and lanyard hole tubing.

Made by Mel "Madpoet" Sorg to my design (a true custom kit knife!) with a D-2 blade. I used granadillo wood for the scales and brass pins, I believe. The three mosaic pins were also made by yours truly. Etching also done by me, and it is Japanese "Yume" meaning "dream".

Another Madpoet creation D-2, again, with stainless steel hardware and black linen Micarta scales. The etching, which is really tough to see, is Japanese for "Phoenix" and it is in honor of our not-quite-2-year-old Golden Retriever who had died of metastatic bone cancer around the same time I was working on that knife. :-( 400 grit satin finish. Handle same but has since been polished.

Again, by Madpoet made from a drawing I sent him. This one is called "Chinese Utility Knife" and the etching is Chinese for "utility". The design is based on Bob Lum's folder version of the traditional Chinese pattern. This is the knife all the Spyderco freaks are drooling over, and is probably Bob's most famous pattern. It has a black linen Micarta handle and etching and mosaic pins made by me, again. Satin finish (600, I think). Handle was 400 grit in this picture but I have since polished it.

This is Jens Anso's Personal Sheepfoot pattern.  ATS-34 steel with a 600 grit satin finish.  Brown/honey colored canvas Micarta with a very thin black spacer between the slab and tang.  Stainless steel hardware.

I forget who made this one, but it was someone from Bladeforums.  I will have to look it up in my email...blade is 1095 and it is satin finished then I ran it under my buffer, so it's a very shiny satin if that makes any sense!  Handle is carbon fiber and the pins are stainless steel.  I made the mosaic pin myself.  Overall size is around 5" or maybe a little bigger.

This is a project Neil Blackwood and I worked on together.  I profiled and finished the knives and he actually did the blade grinding.  D-2 tool steel with a hollow main grind and convex point grind.  Pins are stainless and the handle is cocobolo with a black paper Micarta bolster.

Another Blackwood/Chiro75 compilation.  Same blade info, but the pins are brass and the handle is Hawaiian curly koa with a tung oil finish.

Another Blackwood/Chiro75.  This one is much smaller than the other two, and it has stainless pins and green linen Micarta scales.  I used shoelace material and Scott Slobodian's instructions from a 1990 Knives Illustrated to do a traditional handle wrap. 

This may be my best one yet.  Blackwood/Chiro75 again. Stainless steel pins on a curly koa handle with cocobolo bolsters.

John A Franklin

Spanish drop point kit I got from Sheffield knife Supply. I used a pair of black wood handle scales and the optional guard/pin kit. It is a very useful knife, and very sharp.

Another Sheffield knife design. It is a 8 3/4 overall hunter style drop point blade. The blade is 4" long and handle material is tigerwood. I used the optional guard/pin kit with this knife also.

A couple of years back I commisioned Matt Herildstad ( of Alberta Canada to make a blade from my design. He used ATS-34 bar to grind out a very cool tactical tanto. I used Tigerwood scales on this project and solid brass pins. It is by far one of my best accomplishments.


Mike Irie Hunter of ATS-34, hollow ground, 8.5" overall with a 4.5" blade. I had him modify the butt of the knife and put a thumb ramp in. I made the leather sheath. The handles are desert ironwood.

Charles Gedraitis

Rob Simonich Cetan kit that has stainless bolsters, white paper micarta and a hand satin finish up to 800 grit. 3-inch blade made of ATS-34, 7 inches overall and stainless pins.

Michael A. Lyons

Mike Irie drop point (no longer being made; Mike is not taking orders any more); ATS-34 steel, hollow grind, ivory micarta scales. 3.5" blade, 8" OAL

Kevin Miller

Silver Hawk from Jantz Supply. 440C stainless steel with ivory paper micarta scales and nickel/silver pins and lanyard hole. 3 3/8" blade, 6 5/8" Overall. Sheath is handmade from 8-9oz leather form fitted to knife and hand stitched. Thanks Gary Graley ( for advice on sheathmaking!

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